What is the American Association of Feline Practitioners?

The American Association of Feline Practitioners is a group of veterinarians in the United States who have a special interest and focus on working with cats and their specific diseases. Cats have quite different physiology from dogs, being carnivores not omnivores, so the treatment and handling of cats are quite different from other pets.

Dr. Katherine White
Highland Park Animal Hospital

What does it mean for Highland Park Animal Hospital to be part of the cat-friendly practice program?

Being part of the Cat Friendly Practice program means that we have doctors who genuinely enjoy working with cats. All our doctors will see cats, but some, like myself and Dr. Vargo, particularly enjoy it. Our primary goal is to make the veterinary visit as stress-free as possible for the cat. We understand that the experience can be stressful for both the pet and the owner, so we take measures to minimize that stress. Whether it's using supplements, placing them in an exam room that doesn't smell like dogs, using feel-the-way diffusers, or even administering medication if necessary, we do everything we can to ensure the cat isn't miserable because a happy cat means a happy owner.

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