What does it mean to be fear-free certified professionals?

The Fear Free program is an educational program not just for veterinary professionals but also for pet walkers and other people. In our practice at Highland Park Animal Hospital, the fear-free professionals undergo extra training to learn techniques that reduce the anxiety for your pet, making your pet's visit more enjoyable.

Dr. Heather Vargo
Highland Park Animal Hospital

Why should a pet owner seek a fear-free certified practice such as Highland Park Animal Hospital?

Seeking a Fear Free Certified Practice can help with your pet's anxiety and improve their visit experience. Each time a pet has a fearful visit, it can make their next visit worse. Therefore, it's very important to address this early on to ensure that they're well acclimated and happy coming to the vet.

What does a visit for my pet look like at a Fear Free Certified practice such as Highland Park Animal Hospital?

A Fear Free visit starts before you even walk in the building. Our receptionist will guide you on how to best bring your pet here if you have concerns or need help. In our lobby, we have different waiting areas for dogs and cats. If a dog is really excited, we can immediately place them in an exam room to avoid a stressful situation. Once in the exam room, our doctors and technicians are trained to decrease fear for your pet, using techniques such as giving treats or using different handling methods to get the samples and testing that we need.

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